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After repotting a new plant, water generously to get the roots settled in!

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Nutritional Highlights

This page will not only have a lot of information about plants and how to grow them, but will also feature the nutritional value and benefits of many types of plants and vegetables.


    1. Vemma - Possibly the World's Most Powerful Liquid Antioxidant! If you are not familiar or have not heard about this great product, please check out: http://jessicaconte.vemma.comall_vemma_products
    2. Garcina Mangostana L. aka Purple Mangosteen is often referred to as the "Queen of Fruits." Mangosteen is a very nutrtitous super fruit, that everyone should be aware of. It is available dried, fresh, or in juice form, but is still difficult to get in the US. Xanthones, an antioxidant more powerful than any vitamin, 5X more powerful than vitamins C and E, have won praise from numerous research specialists for their medical potential. While virtually unheard of in the United States and Europe, mangosteen has been used for thousands of years in Chinese, Ayurvedic, and folk medicine throughout Asia.


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I have been growing all kinds of plants since I was very young. I am starting this site to pass the passion on to others. In the future Bay Area Botanicals will be the one stop shop for all your yard and gardening needs. Nutrition and gardening all in one place! Thank you for your support and patience!

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